A brief about horticulture in India

What is Horticulture?

Horticulture is the farming segment that involves growing fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, herbs and shrubs.

Some prime types of horticulture

1.) Olericulture: Production of Vegetables.

2.) Floriculture: Production of flowering plants.

3.) Fruticulture/ Promology: Production of fruits.

Difference between agriculture and horticulture

While agriculture deals with crop farming and various other aspects of it, horticulture deals with vegetables, turfs, herbs, shrubs, fruits, etc. and their cultivation.

The purpose of horticulture

The fruits, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, etc., produced through horticulture are nutrient-rich. They thus are utilized for the betterment of humanity and ecology relationships and in increasing the health of humans.

Name some sub-fields of horticulture

1.) Floriculture.

2. ) Landscape horticulture.

3.) Olericulture.

4.) Post-harvest physiology.

5.) Pomology

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