5 Most Expensive Mango in The World

Mango is a highly demanded fruit in the global market due to its taste, nutritional value and wide range of uses in cuisines. Hence, its large-scale production is profitable.
Miyazaki, Hakugin No Taiyo, Kohitur, Alphonso and Manila are the popular types of mango variety throughout the world, and each variety is profitable for the farmers
Miyazaki mango is a luxurious variety of mangoes, and it is popular as the world’s most expensive mango. However, the average weight of a Miyazaki mango is 350 grams.
This mango variety is grown with proper care under special conditions using a greenhouse. As a result, the price of Hakugin No Taiyo mango can reach upto Rs. 19,000 per piece.
The Kohitur mango is the costliest mango variety in India. Cultivated for the royal class people, its market price can be a minimum of Rs. 1,500 for a single piece of mango.
This mango variety has a bright yellow colour and has an ideal bite in the pulp. Alphoso mangoes are cultivated through the grafting method, making them rare in the market.
With a distinct buttery texture and yellow skin, this mango variety is very popular around the world. However, Manila mangoes have a fibreless pulp and oblong shape.
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