5 best Fig Cultivation Tips in India

Anjeer farming is profitable because each plant yields approximately 6 Kgs of Figs. Within an acre of land, 680 plants grow that cultivate 4080 kgs of Figs, valued at Rs. 5-6 lakhs.
The fig tree is a subtropical tree that can bear a lower temperature. During its mature and growing stages, it needs protection from low temperatures. The ideal temperature for fig farming is 15.5 to 21℃.
Pits of 60 cm³ are formed at least one month before planting. The spacing between the plants should be 8 x 8 m normally or a minimum of 6 x 6 m in arid regions.
Fig trees should be fertilized only when they show symptoms of slow growth or pale leaves. If the tree is grown in sandy soil, an annual fertilization is necessary to maintain soil fertility.
Figs can sustain heat and drought. However, for commercial production, timely irrigation at an interval of 10-12 days during summer is necessary. Drip irrigation is the best method for fig cultivation.
The fig fruits are harvested manually in 2-3 day intervals. They should be picked before proper maturity when they are soft and wilt at the neck. The best times to harvest figs are February and June.
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