2WD vs 4WD Tractor - Choose the Best Wheel Drive for Farming

What Is A Tractor Wheel Drive?

Wheel Drive denotes the number of driven wheels in which the engine power is transferred. It describes whether the power is transmitted to the front, rear, or both.

Types Of Tractor Wheel Drive

There are two types of tractor-wheel drives – 4WD and 2WD. Both wheel drives give an ideal performance, and farmers select the wheel drive according to their budget and needs.

4WD Tractor

A tractor in which the engine power is transmitted in all four wheels simultaneously is known as a 4WD tractor. This wheel drive gives higher performance due to more power.

4WD Tractor Benefits

A 4WD tractor gives higher traction, multifunctionality, high performance and superior grip on rough terrain. In addition, it helps to provide a strong dragging force for heavy loads.

2WD Tractor

A tractor in which the engine power is transmitted to the two wheels only is called a 2WD tractor. The engine power is either given to the front wheels or rear wheels.

2WD Tractor Benefits

A 2WD tractor model is beneficial in terms of cost, turning radius, easier operations and small-scale farming. Thus, it is preferred for small to medium size farms.

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