2WD Vs 4WD Tractor Choose Best Tractor

While 2WD tractors are less costly but have higher maintenance costs, 4WD tractors cost slightly more but require less maintenance.
Fuel efficiency is significantly improved in 4WD tractors compared to 2WD tractors.
Tractors with four wheels have considerably more pulling power than those with two wheels.
While 2WD tractors provide limited traction, 4WD tractors offer superior traction due to their ability to power all four wheels.
2WD tractors are not designed to handle rugged terrain and sloping lands, as they need more traction. In contrast, 4WD tractors excel in these challenging conditions due to their superior grip and traction capabilities.
2 WD tractors are constrained by their limited power, while 4 WD tractors can deliver superior performance owing to their enhanced traction and power distribution.
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